Thursday, August 20, 2009


My name is Laurie and I am a Director/Videographer/Editor/Photographer and Audio Editor by trade.

Much of my professional work can be viewed collectively here:
Podcasts directed, filmed, and edited by Laurie Klaue for EWU

I have directed, filmed, edited,and composed music nearly all the videos in the Public Lectures folder at, and helped develop the EWU iTunesU site. In addition, I have developed instructional media elements for online classes. Feel free to download these podcasts.
You can view them in iTunes Free download for both Mac and PC. Download iTunes to your computer, then you can download any of my podcasts. You can also play them on an iPod or iPhone.
I produced them for Eastern Washington University, and have permission to share from the writers, poets, artists, faculty members to post their videos. With the wonderful support from the faculty at Eastern, I wrote and WON a grant for $5000.00 to purchase my video, lighting, keyboard, and other equipment to produce all these videos - how fabulous!!


Also I have some of my videos and book trailers up on
YouTube. Either click on the previous YouTube link or click the video bar on the right to view the videos I have up on YouTube.

You can also watch the Mudgy and Millie Event Book Trailer and the Mudgy and Millie September 13th Event with Flash, if you prefer (less compression than on YouTube making the detail more viewable). Above is a write up about the Mudgy and Millie book, trailers, and event - describing my involvement in the direction filming, editing, and development and promotion of the book trailers - what fun!!

WEB DESIGN - I have been a web designer since 1996. I have designed many, many websites for universities and clients over the years. My Masters of Science thesis from Eastern Washington University was very innovative and was titled "Web Sites as a Sign: A Culture, Business, and Market Trend. I use those concepts I wrote about in my thesis every day in my work!! I think what I do best is custom design. The ALFAFEMALE WEB DESIGN graphic above shows samples of my work.

I also had the honor of developing and producing the first websites for Premier Publishing of Coeur d'Alene which include websites for Idaho Cuisine, Spokane Sizzle, i Review, and Premier Publishing.

Currently I am making handbags from 19th century French and English fabric which I import. I seek out fantastic vintage fabrics, and then make snappy handbags hopefully women will love. My friends all do, so I will keep at it. Here is my site URL on etsy: or click one of the bags below!
Here are some my bags:

Please comment if you love fabulous fabric, films, music, etc. Welcome to STORY!!